Since the late 1980's, Eastern European and Russian-speaking countries have been going through dramatic changes. This has created new opportunities for the gospel and calls for new strategies to plant churches in growing urban centers. 

Why plant churches in these communities?

God is up to something special! In the next decade, we envision planting 10+ new churches in these areas as God leads and provides. The time is now to take risks for His Kingdom!
— Scott LaRue, Director of Global Church Planting
  • Less than 2% of people in any of these countries are followers of Jesus committed to biblical truth. This includes Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.
  • Most churches in these areas are > 100 Christians. Having experienced partners come alongside them can help them multiply and plant new churches.
  • God is raising up a new generation of church planters ready to be sent! 

You can make an impact!

For each church plant, we are seeking partners who will pray consistently, give monthly, and even go sometime to connect and experience what God is doing. 

  • Any monthly gift can help provide support, training and coaching for a church planter. Together we can make a greater impact!

Would you consider joining with us to catalyze a movement of church-planting churches in Eastern Europe or a Russian-speaking community?