Marginalized. Isolated. Forgotten.

That's how many orphan children live out their existence in Eastern European countries. They may get three meals a day at a state-run orphanage, but often not the love, respect and care that they need to grow, mature and thrive. Having a heart for these kids, our local ministry partners seek to come alongside these children and bring the love and hope of Jesus. They involve local churches and Christians in loving on, sharing the gospel and providing life-changing opportunites, like summer camp, for these kids. 

Each summer they host a fun-filled, faith-enfused camp experience for over 100 of these kids. As our ministry partner shared,

"Through the games, the children learned to trust and respect each other, not to humiliate, but to support, make efforts to win and spend time cheerfully, but with benefit for everyone. Through the evening meetings, the Holy Spirit brought everyone closer to peace, joy, hope, faithfulness, love, victory, in one word - to Himself."

    Want to Give a Orphan Child a CHrist-centered camp experience?

    • A $100 special gift will send one child to camp. 

    Your gift can help open the door to introducing a child to Jesus!

    Donate online or by check made out to: Impact Europe Memo: Orphan Kid's Camp

    A substantial majority of the people who accept Jesus Christ as their savior do so before reaching their 18th birthday.
    — The Barna Group