What will the program cost?

We believe that one of the barriers to advanced Christian education is the cost. For that reason we have sought to keep tuition fees as low as possible. Most courses are offered at a cost of $175.00 per course, plus the cost of books. We encourage local churches to help by subsidizing the tuition of those who enroll from their congregation.

There is no refund of tuition if the applicant discontinues the program. This means the student should not enter the full program unless the student is certain about their desire to complete it. Each of these courses are available as individual courses as well, giving students the option of enrolling in one course at a time. Quarterly weekend seminars cost just $70 per student.

Who should enroll?

Our program is open to all. It will be of special interest to elders, deacons and other leaders in the local church. One of our chief aims is to provide a pathway that future leaders can follow so that they can serve competently in local churches and new church plants.

How much time will it take?

The full Certificate in Biblical Studies is comprised of four courses per year over two years for a total of eight courses. Each course takes seven weeks to complete. The student will spend one evening per week in the classroom, receiving two hours of instruction as well as interaction with other students. An equal amount of time should be allowed for home study, reading, and preparing assignments.

A full course load will require 28 weeks of classes between October and May of each year, allowing the student to participate with minimal disruption to family life and work. Upon completion the student will have received over 100 hours of classroom teaching and an equivalent amount of home study. Students enrolled in the Certificate Program must also select and attend four two-day seminars out of eight offered.