About Us


Welcome to Impact Ministry Group! 

Impact Ministry Group is a church planting ministry made up of three divisions: Impact Canada, Impact Europe and Russian Outreach Network. 


Impact Ministry Group seeks to ignite individuals, businessmen and churches with purpose in the planting of New Testament Christian Churches across Canada, Europe and Russian-speaking peoples.


The mission of Impact Ministry Group is to reach people throughout Canada, Europe and Russian-speaking communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by planting reproducing churches in highly unchurched regions. This is a Biblical mission. In obedience to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), we are seeking to share the Good News with the diverse people groups that call Canada or Europe home. We exist to raise up leaders and resources to seek lost people in unchurched, densely populated communities with the intention of planting a church among them that will reproduce itself to continue to reach others through the birth of even more new churches.


Impact Ministry Group values partnerships in church planting because that enables us to be better stewards of God's resources. Partnerships work well because of the synergism that flows out of several partners working together in harmony. Impact Ministry Group is committed to forging partnerships with individuals, businessmen, churches and other church planting associations to encourage greater participation in, and greater momentum for a dynamic movement of new churches.